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Secure and Increase your income

Handling small bills and coins, giving change it's finish! The payment is done safely with the wristband. Theft and loss of money it's over. It's fun and easy to access, your revenue will be boosted. On average 20% increase in turnover with a cashless payment.

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Save time for each action

Enter, consume, move ... With Sezam, everything is done in a jiffy. Thanks to contactless technology, access control and payment are done in seconds. The waiting queue will no longer exist.

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Offer a unique experience

No more ticket to print and keep, not need wallet. With Sezam, your customer has everything they need. He discovers a new way to access to your services. A feeling of freedom and pleasure was born.

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Improve your service quality

The Sezam App is available on all support to follow in real-time and wherever you go, the flow of your business. These data allow you to better understand your customers and improve their comfort and quality service.