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Contactless payment

Pay has never been faster, easier and secure. Forget the hassle of swiping a card, fumbling for cash or coins! A tap is all it takes.

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  • Safer — No cash to manage, money is dematerialized.
  • Confidential — Sezam does not store transaction information.
  • Easy — Present the wristband on the contactless support and it is paid.
  • Fast — 1 second is the time to pay with Sezam.
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Ticketing solution

Sezam Ticket is a robust, affordable (very low fees), scalable, innovative, yet easy-to-use on-line ticketing and registration solution for event organizers and entertainment industry. Sezam supports any kind of events with no downtime. With it’s unique tamper-proof ticket based. Sezam ensures that tickets cannot be duplicated or falsified. Black-market tickets is over!

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Access control management

Thanks to our Smart Identity invention you can manage any types of access control with a single wristband or card:

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  • Transport Ticketing
  • Room keys
  • Locker key
  • Hosting key
  • Pass activity — Spa, tennis, etc.
  • Parking pass
  • Loyalty card
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Live & smart analytics

Making sense of data and numbers is crucial! With real-time meaningful information at your fingertips, you can better anticipate your customers’ requirements and expectations, and hence, stimulate your incomes. Predict, rather than guess!

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