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“Open Sezam” is now a reality

Who has never dreamed of just tapping a wristband on a device to open a door, take a bus or a cab, rent a bike, or to pass through a security checkpoint in an airport? You can also book your services using the Sezam mobile app or using SMS. It’s easy, fun and you don’t risk losing your keys, your card.

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Manage any type of access control

Transport ticketing, room keys, pass activity (Spa, Tennis, etc.), loyalty card and more are various services but they are all centralized in one and unique mobile and web app. Thanks to our amazing dashboard, is easy to manage access control. You can see at a glance, the availability of all your services and give access in one click.

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Smart Identity is the key

Sezam Access relies on a unique Smart Identity concept. It can be viewed as the future “numerical DNA” of digital society and economy, uniquely identifying people and business by means of powerful decentralized cryptographic ledgers, much like blockchains. A Smart Identity is more than static encrypted information; it is an intelligent self-checking and self-healing identification ecosystem.

Product features

  • Contactless Identification

    You can walk calmly and even swim without risk of losing your keys. They are on your wristband!

  • Smart Identity

    Tamper-proof identification, easy to use and fully traceable.

  • Access report

    Using our dazzling dashboard, you can see at a glance who’s using your services, what are the availability and which are the most favorite, and more.

  • Manage your services

    All your services are grouped in a single platform.

  • Secure and Certified identification

    Based on blockchain concept, Sezam guarantee and certify all access control.

  • Network failures support

    Connected access control solutions able to work in unstable networking environments (like 3G, 4G, GPRS).

  • Build to scale

    Sezam is able processing millions of transactions/second. We ensure 0 lost transactions and a 24/7 service.

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