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Pay more easily

Pay for purchases at your business or your partner has never been easier, faster (2-3 seconds) and secure (protected by strong cryptographic safeguards). No more searching for his wallet or cash and no need to have a smartphone. With Sezam, you pay in a jiffy… just tap your wristband on a contactless reader and you’re done!

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Accepting payments is a breeze

After entering your products in your Sezam space. You can use our app to sell with ease. One click on the images enough to save the order. To finalize the order, customer has to present his wristband on the screen to pay. It's a breeze.

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A secure and confidential payment method

Each time you use your credit card, you expose your private information. With Sezam Cashless it’s different. Only part of the customer’s identity is stored on the wristband… nothing else! No customer’s bank information. No money either! At each transaction, a sophisticated cryptographic process generates the complementary part of the customer’s identity and then strongly encrypts the transaction’s data.

Product features

  • Contactless payment

    Couple of seconds (2-3) is enough to pay with Sezam wristband. Pay has never been faster, easier and secure.

  • SMS & mobile charging cash

    For more security, customer account is not linked to bank account. You can recharge simply by SMS or using your smartphone.

  • Automatic refund

    After an event or holidays, and on-demand, we shall refund the remaining balance on customer’s account.

  • Email and SMS confirmation

    Customer can get notified of all transactions and view the details of all previous payments.

  • Payment opposition

    If lost or stolen, you can block the card and the wristband by SMS or using the Sezam mobile app.

  • Smart cash register

    You have access to a summary of sales to facilitate the work of the accounting team.

  • Marketing offer

    Thanks to data analytics, adjust in real time your price range and launch promotions.

  • Compliant with law

    Sezam is recognized by the ACPR – French Bank, for its electronic money institution activity.

  • Secure and certified payment process

    At the heart of Sezam’s payment process lies a robust ledger built using innovative cryptographic tools. Consequently Sezam ensures all payment transactions, without any loss or error.

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