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Enjoy every moment

No need to print a ticket anymore! Simply order and pay your ticket online, and receive it at home. Thanks to Sezam Ticket solution, ticket checking now takes seconds. Hence, Sezam fluidifies people flows… this is the beginning of a new experience without constraint.

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Save time and enjoy!

Whether you’re expecting 10’000 supporters, 3’000 spectators or 500 runners, Sezam Ticket is a robust, scalable and easy-to-use ticketing solution. In just few clicks, an organizer can create and promote forgery-proof tickets. During the event, a dazzling mobile app allows to keep an eye on sales, anticipate and organize crowd’s waves, and fueling waiting lines at the entrance, due to Sezam’s fast ticket checking process… a quick tap of the Sezam wristband on an access control device… and much like ‘open sesame’… you’re in!

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The end of black market

Our tamper-proof tickets technology is the black market killer app! Tickets are constantly traced by means of sophisticated cryptographic techniques. Say farewell to the speculation on tickets and ticket frauds!

Product features

  • Contactless Ticket

    No more ticket to print and keep in your pocket. Our waterproof contactless wristband replaced it.

  • Tamper-proof ticket

    Forgery-proof ticket easy to buy and resell in a traceable manner and without speculation.

  • TicketOpposition

    If lost or stolen, you can block the card and the wristband by SMS or using our free mobile app.

  • Personalized shop

    Customize your event page according to your needs. Your ticket is on sale quickly.

  • Accept Payment

    Accept credit cards is easy with our secure payment method. And the recipe of your sales is transferred on demand.

  • Live sales report

    Using our dazzling dashboard, you can see at a glance who’s attending your event, what are your instant revenues, which products are the most favorite, and more.

  • Manage your attendees

    Sell tickets, manage orders and scan tickets with our free mobile and web app.

  • Marketing Offer

    Adjust in real-time manner your pricing formulas, according to customers’ consumption, or launch sales promotions following based on predictive data analytics.

  • Secure and Certified payment

    Sezam guarantees and certifies all (access and financial) transactions by means of a strong cryptographic ledgering technology lying at the heart of its platform.

  • Network failures support

    Ticketing solutions able to work in unstable networking environments (like 3G, 4G, GPRS).

  • Build to scale

    Sezam is able processing millions of transactions/second. We ensure 0 lost transactions and a 24/7 service.

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