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Goind to a concert, or a festival, it must be a simple moment, without constraint. A moment of pleasure and happiness to share with family or friends and Sezam.

Your challenges

You are looking for new ways to enrich the experience of your festival-goers, reinforce the image of your brand with them and retain them, while having a fine management of your event.

Secure cash flow and stop fraud.

Limit waiting lines at strategic points.

Increase turnover in sales areas.

Développer l’image de marque de votre évènement.

Offrir une nouvelle expérience à vos participants et les fidéliser.

Obtenir un suivi précis de toutes les transactions de votre évènement.

Our solution

A wristband, serving as wallet and ticket to provide more freddom!

The Sezam wristband allows you to access your events quickly and safely, but also pay on site. In a snap, your concertgoers get to the event while others pay their drinks.

Sezam is also a management tool. You follow the inputs and consumptions in order to improve your services .


A 3-in-1 product to an unmatched experience that enhances your customers' satisfaction and helps you increase service consumption.


5 reasons to choose Sezam

  • 1 Increase your income.
  • 2 Safer events.
  • 3 A single app to manage everything.
  • 4 Offer a new experience.
  • 5 Pay as you need.

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