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Sezam Park

Impress your visitors by the fluidity of your park and the absence of waiting lines? Today is possible with Sezam!

Your challenges

You want to innovate to offer an unforgettable visiting experience, without constraints, but also improve the management of your park.

Reduce waiting lines at attractions.

Increase consumption at various points of sale.

Secure cash flow and stop fraud.

Innovate to differentiate and energize your park.

Improve inventory and personnel management.

Our solution

A personalized wristband enabling your customers to access their desires with a simple gesture for more freedom!

In addition to reserving their ticket, with Sezam your visitors can access the park quickly and pay for all services with a simple gesture. They no longer need to worry about their wallet, it's constantly on their wrist to enjoy attractions, even the strongest.

Our dedicated app returns real-time indicators on the attendance of your attractions and consumption at points of sale. Immediately detect malfunctions and adjust resources to improve the quality of your service.


A 3-in-1 product to an unmatched experience that enhances your customers' satisfaction and helps you increase service consumption.


5 reasons to choose Sezam

  • 1 High level of service, guaranteed without break time.
  • 2 Secure and certified transactions.
  • 3 SMS refilling.
  • 4 A scalable and open solution.
  • 5 Pay as you need.

Ready to start?

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